Snickers or Bounty, have they lost their minds!

It’s the holiday season: time to laugh and create lasting memories of joy and camaraderie! SnickersGate is making headlines on Twitter with its prank! A confusion that seems improbable.

The controversy surrounding Bounty bars wrapped in Snickers wrappers has spread across the internet. What’s going on? Bounty bars wrapped in Snickers packaging were unmistakably spotted. An enterprise that brings joy to both young and old, that sneaks into birthday parties, and that is part of consumers’ daily lives should have continuously monitored production processes. How is it then possible that such a massive mistake slipped through the cracks of a whole series of controls? Hard to believe.

The internet went wild

The most extravagant ideas were thrown out there, and on Twitter, several testimonies, sometimes accompanied by photos, gained traction. The excitement was such that the hashtag SnickersGate set Twitter ablaze. But what really happened?

 The brand let the rumor run rampant for 24 hours before putting an end to the buzz by revealing the hoax in a film titled “We’re not ourselves when we’re hungry.” With a minimal budget, Snickers managed to put its product in the spotlight during the holidays when the delicious bars are in demand and thus inserted Bounty bars into Snickers packaging. For Snickers addicts, this was sacrilege; the two products should not be confused.

Just a publicity stunt

 Ultimately, Snickers revealed the truth and released a humorous video explaining that the mistake was actually just a hoax. An advertisement that plays on the brand’s slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” A little joke that achieved its intended purpose as the controversy was widespread on social media, especially on Twitter, and generated a lot of buzz. This little prank paved the way and should inspire others. It shows that it’s the simplest jokes that can ultimately create exponential communication and prove highly lucrative during the holidays. A buzz to show that “you’re not you when you’re hungry”

 To conclude this joke, the brand, in collaboration with the agency CLM BBDO, didn’t hesitate to go further by publishing a video where it depicts its teams becoming unable to work if they lack Snickers. In short, Snickers, a source of energy!

 A press release reminds us that for nearly 10 years, Snickers has signed each of its campaigns with the slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Ultimately, one can also liven up the internet with the fundamental question: are you more of a Snickers… or a Bounty person? Regardless, the Mars group is pleased because it has ultimately succeeded in taking center stage!

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