Boosting Your Public Speaking to Make It Memorable

Every month, Laurent Tylski, a professional speaker specializing in accelerating change, provides us with practical advice on developing the impact of public communication.

The entrepreneur who wants to promote their product or service will craft their message to establish their brand with their audience. Every public speaking engagement aims for one unique objective: to impact the audience enough so they remember you at the right moment. This memory of you must be lasting to make you indispensable. “Do you remember Philippe Martin from Legagnant Company? He was excellent, we need someone like him. Give him a call, he has the solution!” The quality of constructing your speech is crucial for leaving a lasting impression. It determines the impact you will have on your audience. So, where to start and how to construct your message to boost public communication?

Start with the conclusion!

If there was only one thing or one message to remember, what would it be? It’s the conclusion that will allow you to give a strong and logical structure to your speech.

The rule of 3 to boost public communication

This rule is immutable, it’s the one that is most easily remembered. Historical examples abound: Veni, vidi, vici – Liberty, equality, fraternity – Thesis, antithesis, synthesis… Don’t hesitate to use the number 3, because in every speech, the audience only retains 3 key ideas. This rule will revolve around 3 key parts and 3 key elements per part. In each part, mention 3 references, 3 statistics, 3 examples… Don’t hesitate to choose a slogan sentence that will be your main idea and repeated 3 times.

Make your oral communication visually harmonious

On paper, your plan’s construction is based on colors to harmonize your speech and better memorize it. Associate a color with each key point, and make sure your color palette is as impactful as possible to bring your rule of 3 to life. This way, you’ll create attention, dynamics, and rhythm in your speech. Red: for the key sentence which will be your slogan and must be memorized by your audience. If there’s only one message to remember, it’s this one. Blue: for statistical elements. Green: for quotes and examples illustrating your point.

Conclude by repeating your three messages and encouraging your audience to take action to apply your ideas. You can end with: “Don’t forget…, I suggest you…, I invite you to…, Do…, Feel free to…, Be the first to…” The imperative form leaves a mark and invites action. Remember that, beyond information, seduction, and stylistic exercise, the professional’s role is to urge each listener to take action and adopt their message.

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