Correos to create its own metaverse with avatars, offices, a store, and a museum

Throughout the past year, the Metaverse has stood as the decade’s grand project, and major technology companies, led by Mark Zuckerberg and its multiple online spaces, set out to develop their own virtual worlds and launch all sorts of accessories to be able to connect to it, such as the case of Ray-Ban and Oculus from Meta’s virtual reality lenses. However, this reality has not finished convincing users and many have given up on these projects.

Despite the bad reviews and the fact that this technology seems to have gone “out of style”, the Spanish post and parcel company, Correos has started a contracting process to create what it will call the “Correos Metaverse”, a virtual reality that will include avatars, offices of the future, a store, a museum, and simulations of deliveries with drones.

The company will allocate more than 139,000 euros and will give an execution period of 24 months.

This is how the Correos metaverse will work

According to the contract documentation, Correos “wants to enhance the brand image and transmit the transformation of its last years, to which the metaverse will be used as a showcase to show the key elements of the entity, including spaces for its projects such as Correos Market, offices of the future and the Correos museum”.

The state-owned company’s objective is to develop a virtual space that can be used as a social multiplatform, where users can create personalized avatars with which to access the metaverse and interact with each other in real time. To make the avatars more real, the platform will include the possibility of 3D scans of the face.

On the other hand, the metaverse can be used on traditional devices, such as computers, tablets, and mobiles, as well as on other devices, such as virtual reality glasses.

Correos points out that the company selected for the construction of the metaverse will be in charge of recruiting all the necessary personnel for the creation of the project: a technical director, a project manager, two developers, two 3D designers, and a systems and network architect.

Office, Store, and Museum, the 3 spaces of the Correos metaverse

The idea is that users who enter the metaverse will be able to walk and explore the entity’s three virtual spaces: 

The “future” Correos Office: it will be a central space with a “futuristic and ecological” aesthetic.

The Correos Market Store: the products of the vendors present in the Correos online store will be displayed and will have direct links to go to the website and purchase them.

The Museum: a space that will feature explanatory videos and other multimedia and 3D elements, as well as avatars representing historical figures and the evolution of means of transport used by Correos. In addition, other artists will be able to exhibit their works.

These three spaces, which can also be used for talks and conferences, will have advertising areas and even Citypaq, mailboxes, and green areas. There will also be virtual assistants throughout the metaverse to provide support to users.

Another of the functions that Correos wants to include is the possibility of buying products from Correos Market and simulate shipments “in which a package is picked up by a drone and it disappears on the map, this package being aesthetically the same as the one that will arrive at the address that has been indicated in your purchase by the user.

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